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 Brain States Mastery

Brain States MasteryThis book employs our IBVA software colour screenshots to illustrate changes including hypo arousal and hyper arousal. The story of how modern, computer-based brainwave technology combined with Accelerated Learning principles & methods, transcends conventional classroom brainstates.  Exclusively sold by Brainmachine






wearable holder

Wearable holder with a long shoulder strap is made of sealable waterproof plastic. An essential way to carry your portable IBVA, and with a clear window that shows you the green LED is on, also keeps it clean and dust free


Unit Price: £7.00 each





sticky sensors, 3 packs, 150 pieces

Sealed in bags of 50 and with an especially small diameter for easy placements close together for frontal lobe ( forehead) monitoring. Pre-gelled, high quality medical foam backed  electrodes in sealed bags


Unit Price: £45.00 each





Lucidity Launch Box

Contains :

    • Organic Sulphur Compound MSM – fine crystals -100g
    • Organic/Fairtrade Raw Cacao Powder -100g
    • Organic Chlorella Powder -100g

Lucidity Launch box

Unit Price: £18.00 each