brainmachine videos

Luciana Haill presents at Tangible Feelings symposium 2011, at iMal in Brussels how she works with Neurotechnologies and samples human brains’ electrical oscillations (EEG) emitted during Altered States of Consciousness. Through her practice she creates interactive telematic artworks, performances and sensory environments. She has appeared on TV and Radio triggering 3D spatialised sounds via brainwaves and collects 1000s of samples for her “EEG Thought Depository”.


BBC News, Health, January 2012 : Mindfullness meditation for pain control
So the BBC’s David Sillito has been learning the art of mindfulness meditation in order to find out for himself. After getting to grips with the activity, he joined some other devotees for an MRI scan to find out what impact the practice can have on brain activity. Frontal lobe activity decreased !