IBVA Brainmachine is an essential tool giving you the freedom to record, experiment, analyse & learn, for wellness, self development, interactive art projects & Mindfulness.

Brain machine is a low risk portable technology that uses information from the brain as a form of biofeedback called Neurofeedback. It’s a training process of using technology to provide you with more information about what your body is doing than your ordinary senses provide.  This “feedback” helps you learn to use your mind to develop greater control over your body, or, in the case of neurofeedback, your brain. Below are two generic screen displays produced in our software, showing two channels of frontal lobe brainwaves with spherical ‘peak indicators’. Generated as realtime animated mountainous 3-dimensional graphs emitted from the front of the screen and moving backwards, the views can be rotated.

(Left)The image shows brainwave output that are mainly Theta waves (4-8Hz), and some lightly focused Alpha waves (8-12Hz) so overall steady & relaxed. (Right) The screen image on the shows a contrasting display of higher amplitude (electrically spike) faster Beta & Gamma waves (12-35Hz). The peak indicators cluster together (more during brainwave entrainment) to a desired frequency and when practised can demonstrate greater control through cognitive effort over time.
These two images also contain contextual descriptions from the session, about what the client was actually doing, when they produced two such different outputs. Quite often your left and right Prefrontal brain hemispheres work very similarly – producing a ‘coherent’, synchronous signal.