welcome to your brain

biofeedback for the brain is called neurofeedback - a training process using technology to provide you with more information about what your brain is doing than your ordinary senses provide

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discover our brain computer interface

seeing brainwaves can be the colorful convincer in any situation: during hypnosis, in sports training, developing musical experiments & boosting their creativity

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seeing EEG is believing

hear sounds triggered by realtime brainwaves & experience immersive feedback when you connect and explore your EEG

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the company

"Director Luciana Haill is without a doubt a world leader working in patterns of cerebral creativity and innovation with brainmachines" - Andrew T Austin, 23NLPeople.com

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easy interface

brainmachine uses electrodes that lightly stick to the scalp inside the blue band, it is easy to apply and easy to wear

delta, theta, alpha

and beta waves, your left and right brain hemispheres often work very similarly - producing a coherent, synchronous signal

portable bluetooth kit

giving you the freedom to record, experiment & entrain brainwaves for neurofeedback, self development, interactive projects & Mindfullness

books and resources

recommended to help you understand more about monitoring the EEG signal and analysing brainwaves during relaxation, focus, meditation and more

“Luciana is an expert in her field. Her system and her knowledge base about the system are second to none. I highly recommend her and IBVA” - Owen Fitzpatrick - Irish Institute of NLP